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Final transfers vote and Recruitment
User 1 year ago

Hope everyone?s doing well! It looks like patch 1.6 with it?s Blackwing Lair is around the corner! Thanks again to all the players that helped test it out on the PTR. Vote For Final Transfers!

Due to popular demand over the past month or so, we?ve decided to give it one more go! Its important to note that initially, during the first set of transfers, we were not ?well? known to say the least. Numbers attract numbers when it comes to servers, so we were thinking of having an official final round of transfers. Please take the time to vote via the panel to the right, every vote counts! These transfers will only be in the form of D20 transfers, for anyone not familiar with D20 quality transfers, refer to this forum post. Note: This offer would not be eligible for anyone that has already had a transfer from the last set of transfers.The vote will conclude in one week on the 21st, from which we?ll announce the verdict and plans if this is to go through.

Another Note: We will not be deleting your character from the server youre transfering from, nor will we ask for your passwords. Your character must be level 60. Refer to the post linked above for more info. Recruitment

Just wanted to remind everyone that we?re still looking for more devs, a graphic designer, and possibly a video editor/ maker. So if you know anyone or you are interested in such a role, please contact us via email at [email protected] Last but not least, to the newcomers, if you require any support, its best if you get it directly through our Discord channel. Anyway, it seems as though we?re growing at a steady rate, so thank you all again for sticking around and being a part of our lovely community!

PvP Stance, Rule Rework and Staff Protocol!
User 1 year ago

Hello everyone!

(For a much prettier version of this post, please view it via our forums or just go here I hope everyones doing well! It looks like we are continuously growing and with it, expectations are too. We have been listening to the community and have noticed a lot of obscurity with our rules. But before I go on, I want to say that we do not claim to be professionals. We are a young up-and-coming server that is run by a group of volunteers that spend their time and money to provide something that was missing in the oceanic scene.

We listen, discuss, learn, and grow. We are not flawless and oversights will occur and unforeseen situations will arise. However, together, as a community, we can progress through the infancy of the server and ultimately reach a point of certainty. We cannot do it without the community, and it is your cooperation that is needed as much as ours to effectively fulfill that ultimate goal.

Nostralia and PvP

We had a bit of a grey area surrounding PvP, ganking, griefing, and harassment on Nostralia for a while now. Im here to hopefully clear that up a bit and to clarify our updated rules. Any comments, criticisms or questions are welcomed.

Nostralia is a PvP server, and always has been. This decision was made well before the server opened, and its safe to say we will never become a PvE server. By Blizzard definition, here is what a PvP server is:

Player versus Player (PvP) realms encourage cross-faction combat between players. We generally do not get involved in cross-faction PvP disputes, or actions like corpse camping and killing lower level players.

All of our standard In-Game Policies apply to PvP servers. Violating these policies can lead to penalties on your account.

  • Blizzard help article on

The second paragraph can be modified to apply to Nostralias rules and policies, but otherwise, we abide by Blizzards definition of what a PvP server is.

Here is a section from our policies specifically relating to PvP:

As a PvP server, we deem all PvP play styles to be valid as they are a part of the game. Killing players of the opposite faction including corpse camping and spirit healer camping is considered a part of the game, and not harassment.

But Im being ganked! What can I do?

For those who are unaware, ganking is the term usually used to describe killing a low-level or weaker player who has little chance of defending themselves. It is a dishonorable act, yes, but entirely allowed.

If youre being ganked, all hope is not lost! There are quite a few in-game measures you can take if youre on the receiving end of a good old-fashioned ganking.

  • Ask the player to stop - Cross-faction chat is enabled. A nice message asking them to stop might go a long way, but dont be surprised if it doesnt!
  • Ask a friend or guildmate to help - This is what friends and guilds are for, get your higher level mates to come and back you up and show the ganker some justice. This is how epic PvP battles started in retail vanilla as each side called in reinforcements, and it would be great to see it on Nostralia too.
  • Change zones - There are many zones in which you can level. It is rare that there is only a single zone that you can gain experience in. Ask your guildies for alternatives or suggestions. You could run a dungeon, or level your professions.
  • Take a short break - Sometimes just logging off for 30 minutes will cause the ganker or gankers to move on to their next target.
  • Note down the gankers name - If all else fails, remember the offenders names and get sweet sweet revenge when you reach level 60.

Nostralia is a PvP server - a dangerous, bloodthirsty world where you need to watch your back and make powerful friends. People play for different reasons, and we support all play styles. We want to encourage more players to join the server as this will result in a far better experience for those of you interested in world PvP, and those interested in avoiding it. Help us by following these guidelines and treating each other with respect, and well keep growing and thriving.

Staff Protocol We have rewritten our staff Code of Conduct to better suit growing expectations of the server. Generally speaking, for the smaller server that we were, we did not feel the need to address anything that was not necessary. However, new protocols have been set to address any form of uncertainty, staff responsibilities have been revisted, our workflow has been better outlined, and more. We want to offer systematic and professional support to our players. One thing to point out is that developers will no longer moderate or enforce rules and only address dev-related subject matters.

Rule Rework

The rules have been revised and expanded on which can be viewed here. It is imperative for everyone that has been with us thusfar to go over these rules carefully. Just as it is the teams responsibility to follow protocol, it is the communitys responsibility to follow rules and regulations. It is important to note that there is always room for improvement and suggestions are welcome (in terms of adding new rules or rewording current ones). However, as for the basis of each rule, these are cemented and we will do our best to enforce them.

With that said, I want to thank everyone again for being patient, sticking around, giving constructive feedback, and supporting newcomers. I also want to thank Kel for writing the Nostralia and PvP section for this announcement. We have a lot of exciting things to come that include: website revamp, PvP rankings and standings page, PvP tournaments, faction clashes, and patch 1.6 that is to come at the end of June!

Welcome to Nostralia!

We strictly abide by our policies and rules, any culprits will recieve warnings or bans depending on the severity of the crime. We take the authenticity of our server very seriously and in turn will not be lenient in the slightest sense. Rules outline code of conduct, policies outline server politics and how we run this server.

      • ABOUT US - - -
  1. We are STRICTLY a progressive blizz-like Vanilla WoW server. There will be absolutely NO modifications whatsoever.
  1. We are a NON-PROFIT server.
  1. There will never be a cash shop nor any pay to win mechanics at all, ever.
  1. Any donations made will be put directly back into the server in the form of advertisment. Proof will be provided whenever a donation is made.
  1. We consider the community a vital part of the server and will do our best to listen, cooperate with, and respect each and every one of them.
  1. We are a crossfaction (Xfaction) PVP server currently, but that is prone to change if the server population reaches a viable threshold for both factions to part ways.
  1. We are a result of the merge of characters from two servers, 243 and Aussiewow. Controlled Day20 and Day60 transfers that will go through strict monitoring will be possible. More information can be found here:
      • RULES - - -
  1. Attempting to bot, hack, cheat or exploit in any way is a serious violation and will not be tolerated. Those discovered using external software to automate or breach game systems will receive an instant IP ban without warning. Exploiting game bugs will result in disciplinary action appropriate to the offense. (Up to and including permanent bans). Ignorance will not be considered an excuse.
  1. Verbally harassing any community member whether in game, on our forums, on our discord or on our social media will result in disciplinary action appropriate to the offense. Be nice, even to your enemies. Those who feel harassed should first make use of ignore and block functions on all platforms. Making additional characters or accounts on any platform, including the game server, in order to bypass block functions is a serious offense and will result in disciplinary action appropriate to the offense up to and including permanent bans.
  1. Discussing other servers is allowed, however any form of promotion or advertisement is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban.
  1. Buying/ selling accounts, gold, items, or any in-game services with real money is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
  1. Creating in-game characters or profiles on any of our social media to impersonate staff members is prohibited.
  1. Account sharing is not allowed, we will monitor account activity to ensure this. If a player chooses to permanently hand over their account to another, they are to submit a request via email. It will be assessed and the player will be given steps to follow to officially carry out the transfer.
  1. Exploiting server population in order to obtain the Gurubashi Arena event chest is not allowed.
  1. Griefing: Players can interact in different ways, whether it is in your favor or not: stealing nodes, chests, items, tag stealing mobs, lead monsters to new areas. Staff will not intervene in these situations as there are measures players can take to resolve this. Moreover, civil matters do not concern staff. However: Intentionally interrupting or negatively influencing a raid group that is currently engaged in any world boss encounter with same-faction characters is prohibited.
  1. Names containing profanity or sexual innuendo are permitted as long as they do not target a particular person or group, either in game or in real life. We do not consider ourselves a family-friendly realm.

Names may not make reference to historical or current events that may offend a particular person or group.

Names may not make reference to acts of sexual assault or violence.

  1. When consulting staff, it is expected of you to do so in a respectful and straightforward manner. Lying, threatening, using profanity, and/or ignoring warnings issued will result in disciplinary action. Furthermore, staff criticism is welcome, however not in a public medium. Please do so directly and privately with staff.
  1. As a PvP server, we deem all PvP play styles to be valid as they are a part of the game. Killing players of the opposite faction including corpse camping and spirit healer camping is considered a part of the game, and not harassment.
  1. Win trading is prohibited which includes but is not limited to: battleground and world HK wintrading.
  1. Multiboxing:

No multibox software of any kind may be used and no more than 2 characters may be logged in by any one player at the same time. (Its fine having multiple people playing from the same IP as long as separate humans are controlling them.)

In general any single button-press input via human interface devices (mice, keyboards, controllers or otherwise) may only send a single command to one game client. Hardware with macro capabilities are allowed but must NOT broadcast input to multiple clients with a single button-press.

Multibox PvP:

Offensive: You may not initiate PvP while multiboxing even if you only use one of the characters. If you wish to initiate pvp you must log out one character before the fight begins.

Defensive: If attacked while multiboxing you may defend yourself with one character only. You must cease all actions on one character and participate only with the other. You may not buff, shield, heal or otherwise affect the inactive character. If the character you elect to fight with is killed, you may continue the fight with the remaining character.

Multibox PvE:

You may boost an alt through instances up to and including Sunken Temple. This is the break point. You may not multibox in Blackrock Depths or any higher level instance. You may not multibox in any raid instance.

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