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Korakion - TBC - Blizzlike PVE PvP


Korakion - TBC - Blizzlike PVE PvP
Looking for Developer(s)
User 1 year ago

If you are a developer or know one that has knowledge of one or more of the topics listed below please contact me:

Trinitycore or Oregoncore 
A willingness to contribute (and eventually get paid per fix).

We are desperate looking for help with the server. My time has been severely reduced due to other commitments so I would love to have some help with fixing issues for the community.

Feel free to contact me at: Skype: e-mail: [email protected]

Thanks a lot!

We are the most stable and lag-free private TBC server in the world today, with custom content and top of the line hardware. Korakion is run by professional developers and technicians to ensure the best all-round gaming experience. Our team is made up of dedicated and passionate individuals who professionally create and maintain every single aspect of the game.

TBC is considered one of the best World of Warcraft Expansions for good reasons.

We have an unequalled strong sense of community. Later versions of WoW have sacrificed community for convenience, which in turn have led to a superficial and weak bond between players. This leads to players being able to act inappropriately since they would never see the group again, and wouldnt have to be held responsible for their actions. TBC is in our opinion a reminder of a more mature era in World of Warcraft.

Come and join us and relive the glory of The Burning Crusade at its best. Meet up with old friends or make new ones. We are a truly global community with over 53 different countries represented among our players.

High Uptime!

With a 99 uptime we are already UKs top WoW private server, and we wont stop there... our target is to give you the best TBC server in the world. We are here to stay!

We are a rapidly growing community and we welcome all players of any age, new and experienced alike. Ask our players what they think of us.

We pioneer a totally new concept among private servers, where our players are encouraged to get involved with the servers decisions and features giving them a unbique sense of ownership and participation.

Join our cross-faction world chat in-game and ask the players and the GMs why they love playing with us. Features

  Early Mount

Enjoy our Free Mount at level 10, open chat between factions, custom content, arena open to all levels, Playtime Reward System (mounts, pets and vanity items only). This is a major help while levelling main or alt characters.

We also provide a series of services for getting players to higher levels even faster and start enjoying dungeons, 10 and 25-man raids.

We also offer in-game Character Services (race, name and faction change), shop for gold, mount or vanity items with instant delivery.

Visit our Shop or ask one of the GMs in-game.

Create account

Register here

Download the client

Download and install client version 2.4.3
Find download link on server website

Set realmlist

Go to your World of Warcraft installation folder and edit the contents of file to:

set realmlist

Start Playing!

To prevent problems, don't forget to delete cache in World of Warcraft Installation folder.
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