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WoWZealot - 4.3.4 Cataclysm Blizzlike Server


WoWZealot - 4.3.4 Cataclysm Blizzlike Server
Zealots Future - Release reschedule
User 1 year ago

Release Dear Zealot visitors! We, the creators of Zealot, have a very high standard for the realm. Our goal is simply to provide a proper Cataclysm blizzlike realm, with active motivated developers.

We want to deliver you a top quality Cataclysm realm, where bugs do not get overlooked, and where we create many enjoyable moments together.

We have recently been working hard on making a lot of fixes, even though we all have school and work, and we have progressed quite well. Many zones are fixed, however we still have a lot remaning on the ToDo list to ensure our high standard.

A release date is currently set to the second of June 2017, however our high standards to this realm has forced us to postpone the release date. While we of course apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused, I think we can all agree we have seen it happen many times - Servers who rush the release, and then fails to deliver an acceptable realm which results in the server dying. We do not want such a thing to happen for WoWZealot.

We do not claim we will be perfect upon release, but we - the staff team, all agrees to have a certain standard before we open, and then fix the rest as time goes by.

Therefor, we are announcing this with sense and sensibility, that we will be releasing: 15 September 18:00/6 PM. GMT+1, 2017 instead.

Many announcements, video show-offs, eg youtube videos showing quest fixes will be made up till the release, and youll be able to follow the development closer now that we have more time to work on it.

Sincerely, Zealot Team. Striving to deliver the ultimate quality.

Welcome to WoWZealot!

WoWZealot is a world of warcraft private server, based on Cataclysm - 4.3.4, with a 1x rates blizzlike realm, aiming for a quality and dedicated blizzlike experience. We hope to achieve a great community and many enjoyable moments.

At this moment, we are still in a development phase. Go ahead and register an account and join our community. Theres always something to discuss!

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