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WoWGasm Reloaded - Back to finish first


WoWGasm Reloaded - Back to finish first
Join the WoWGasm Team!
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WoWGasm is looking for active and dedicated players to join our staff! If you have interest in joining the team as a Game Master, Event Coordinator or Developer, simply fill out the application at the URL below.

General responsibilities of a Game Master include

*Address in-game issues via tickets

*Moderate the discord chat room, in-game chat and forum

*Build rapport with players

*Identify ways to help improve the player experience and escalate those findings to administration

Please note that incomplete applications will be discarded.

Fill out your application here.

WoWGasmFrom the ashes of WoWGasm something new is born.

As many of you know WoWGasm has been gone for quite a long time. There was always that feeling of emptiness.With the feedback from many old players we decided to give it another try This time named WoWgasm Reloaded. In order to show you how much we value you as ex players we are handing out a litte promotion kit for the first xx players that join the server Make sure you redeem your code at one of the reward NPCs located in every starter area and capital cities.

Create account

Register here

Download the client

Download and install client version 3.3.5a
Find download link on server website

Set realmlist

Go to your World of Warcraft installation folder and edit the contents of file to:

set realmlist

Start Playing!

To prevent problems, don't forget to delete cache in World of Warcraft Installation folder.
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