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WoW Circle - biggest private server
Updatepack 34 - Cataclysm
User 1 year ago

We want to introduce you the main fixes, done in 4.3.4 core during last 2,5 months in the period from 12.04.17 till 04.07.17.

Status: applied to logon.



  • Offline players are no more counted for maximum players in an instance.
  • Another try to fix a bug, when player was moved to random place after dismount.
  • Realized bad word filter.
  • Fixed global bug, when vehicle and a horseman stayed separately.

Read more here: 34 - Cataclysm.html

Updatepack 2 - Legion
User 1 year ago

We want to introduce you the main fixes, done in 7.1.5 core and database during last 1,5 weeks from 24.04.17 till 05.05.17.

Status: applied to legion. Changelog: General:

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to sell quest items.
  • Some work on core optimization.
  • Fixed buying items for some currency.
  • Fixed an exploit with money dupe.
  • Fixed an exploit with .start in instances.
  • Fixed increased damage of mobs melee attacks.
  • Fixed mobs spells damage calculation.
  • Fixed item search at the auction for russian client.
  • Much fixes in quest localization.
  • Fixed mana regeneration after spec switch.
  • Fixed training dummies stats.
  • Fixed 11 reasons of server crash.


  • Fixed Ancient Mana Potion.
  • Fixed Eye of Skovald.
  • Fixed Draught of Raw Magic.
  • Fixed Terrorbound Nexus.
  • Fixed Avalanche Elixir.
  • Fixed Duskwalkers Footpads.
  • Fixed Muzes Unwavering Will.
  • Fixed Darcklis Dragonfire Diadem.
  • Fixed Koltiras Newfound Will.
  • Fixed Zevrims Hunger.
  • Fixed Oneths Intuition.
  • Improved Bough of Corruption.
  • Fixed Wriggling Sinew.
  • Fixed proc of Kazzalax, Fujiedas Fury.
  • Improved Xonis Caress.
  • Improved Xanshi, Shroud of Archbishop Benedictus.
  • Improved Delusions of Grandeur.
  • Fixed Cinidaria, the Symbiote.

Scripts of quests, NPC, achievements:

  • Fixed the following quests: To New Thalanaar Turning the Earth Oh, the Clawdacity! Murlocs: The Next Generation Going Underground Ormgul the Pestilent Shadowfen Village Language of the Lost Bring Down Those Shields The Root of All Evil The Mother Lode Keeping Watch on the Interlopers Lunarblossom Garrison Campaign: The Exarchs Call Vital Intelligence The Truth of the Grave Help for Camp Winterhoof Adding Injury to Insult Highmountain Hides Lifespring Cavern Scout It Out Strategic Cuts Amateur Hour Moose on the Loose Beat it Out of Them Warning the Exarchs Baleheim Must Burn! That Guy in the Costume Demon Detainment The Story of Huln WANTED: Inquisitor Tivos See Ya Later, Oscillator The Kodocallers Horn Assault and Battery The Siegebrul A True Hunter Wax On, Wax Off Ormgul the Pestilent Extinguish the Fires Grasp of the Underking Pins and Needles Nursing the Wounds Summit of Fate The Soulkeepers Fate The Princess Unleashed Sinking From Within Your First Day as a Pirate Reports from the Field Grassroots Effort The Trial of Faith Exarch Maladaar Poisoned Crops Shielded Secrets The Damsels (Bad) Luck A Perfect Costume Deceit Monitoring the Rift: Cleftcliff Anomaly Blessings of the Ancients Golem Training See Raptor Trailing the Tidestone Emerald Sisters Felstorms Plea Through the Dream Dressing With Class The Avatar of Terokk Call of the Talon King WANTED: Bahagar Mother of Thorns Adherents of the Sun God Orders From On High All Due Respect The Crone The Apes of UnGoro The Spirits of Golakka Hot Springs The Shapers Terrace Peculiar Delicacies Adventures in Archaeology Restalaan, Captain of the Guard Welcome to the Jungle A Little Help From My Friends Into the Dragons Mouth Bottled Up The Fate of Morbent Fel The Cries of the Dead

  • Fixed the following NPC: Scout Cel Pridelord Meowl Stonevault Wanderer Cauldron Defender Bloodlord Mandokir Lathoric the Black Stephanos Korkron Subjugator Ormgul the Pestilent Ghostly Draenei Celebrant Chapman Catrina Touring Orphan Fallen Moonfeather Malfurion Stormrage Darkshade Sambas Perrexx Gultar the Subjugator Ikky Dark Apparition Effigy of Terokk High Ravenspeaker Krikka Engineer Gazwitz Gultar the Subjugator Gultar the Subjugator Yrel Spirit Healer Gelvas Grimegate Darkmoon Carnie Selina Dourman Lhara Professor Thaddeus Paleo Flik Darkmoon Carnie Fliks Frog Chronos Morja Pygmy Cockatrice Yebb Neblegear Silas Darkmoon Silas Darkmoon Forest Strider Khaz Modan Ram Felinni Hornsley Pygmy Cockatrice Burth Stamp Thunderhorn Sylannia Kerri Hicks Sayge Rinling Jubjub Disassembled Crawler Mines Deactivated Laser Turret Deactivated Missile Turret Deactivated Electromagnet Aetherion

  • Fixed the following objects: Juicy Apple Barrel of Canal Fish Worm Mound Cactus Apple Prickly Pear Fruit Serpentbloom Shallow Grave Serpentbloom Felvine Shard Moontouched Wood Dread Raven Egg Annals of the Silver Hand

Arena and BG:

  • Improved health amount of mobs at Alterac Valley.
  • Fixed of arena rating count.

Spells and talents: Druid:

  • Fixed Revitalize.
  • Fixed Rake in case when target dodges or parries.
  • Improved energy regeneration from Ashamanes Energy artifact spell.
  • Fixed damage of Shred.
  • Fixed Maim.
  • Fixed Enraged Maim talent.

Death Knight:

  • Fixed Heartstop Aura.
  • Fixed Frozen Center talent.
  • Ignoble Sacrifice will no more proc from Raise Dead.
  • Improved Death Strike.
  • Fixed modifier of Clawing Shadows in PvP.
  • Fixed modifier of Consumption in PvP.
  • Fixed modifier of Unending Thirst in PvP.
  • Fixed modifier of Heart Strike in PvP.
  • Fixed modifier of Blood Boil in PvP.
  • Fixed modifier of Death Strike in PvP.


  • Fixed Firestarter talent.
  • Fixed Mana Shield cooldown.
  • Fixed proc of Brain Freeze from Flurry.
  • Improved proc of Arcane Missiles.
  • Fixed damage of Pyroblast.


  • Fixed Absolution.
  • Fixed mana regeneration in PvP.
  • Fixed modifier of Execution Sentence in PvP.
  • Fixed modifier of Justicars Vengeance in PvP.
  • Fixed modifier of Blade of Justice in PvP.
  • Fixed damage of Holy Wrath done to pets.


  • Fixed Mass Resurrection.
  • Fixed Apotheosis.
  • Fixed Light of the Naaru talent.
  • Fixed Shadow Covenant talent.
  • Fixed Clarity of Will talent.
  • Improved Void Shift talent.


  • Fixed Ancestral Vision.
  • Fixed summon of Greater Lightning Elemental from Fury of the Storms.
  • Fixed Crash Lightning.
  • Fixed Ghost in the Mist artifact spell.
  • Fixed mana regeneration from Resurgence.


  • Fixed Tactician talent.
  • Fixed modifier of Ignore Pain in PvP.


  • Fixed Grappling Hook.
  • Fixed proc of True Bearing.
  • Fixed diminishing of Between the Eyes.
  • Improved Cut to the Chase talent.
  • Fixed energy regeneration from Venomous Wounds in case of targets death.


  • Fixed Hunting Party talent.
  • Fixed Sentinel talent.
  • Fixed Volley talent.
  • Fixed Patient Sniper talent.
  • Fixed concentration regeneration from Dire Beast.
  • Fixed True Aim talent.
  • Fixed modifier of Piercing Shot in PvP.
  • Fixed modifier of Rapid Killing artifact spell in PvP.
  • Fixed modifier of Sidewinders in PvP.
  • Fixed modifier of Marked Shot in PvP.


  • Fixed Reawaken.
  • Fixed a bug with Teachings of the Monastery buff removal by Rising Sun Kick.
  • Fixed Sheiluns Gift artifact spell in PvP.
  • Fixed Mastery: Combo Strikes.
  • Fixed Ancient Mistweaver Arts.
  • Fixed modifier of Transfer the Power in PvP.
  • Fixed modifier of Hit Combo in PvP.

Demon Hunter:

  • Fixes of Fel Rush.
  • Fixed Rain from Above.
  • Fixes of Darkness.
  • Fixed proc of Demonic Appetite.
  • Improved Blade Dance.


  • Fixed Deaths Embrace.
  • Fixed modifier of Backdraft in PvP.

Spells and talents, other:

The date of the latest update and the current online can be checked in the game by typing .server info command (actual update is 05.05.17).

Updatepack 1 - Legion
User 1 year ago

We want to introduce you the main fixes, done in 7.1.5 core and database during last week (OBT period) from 17.04.17 till 23.04.17. Status: applied to logon. Changelog: General:

  • Fixed phasing bugs in many locations.
  • Fixed currency cap of Artifact Knowledge.
  • Some fixes of Noblegarden event.
  • Fixed 5 reasons of server crash.

Instances and raids: The Emerald Nightmare:

  • Opened heroic and mythic mode (testing).

Items: Read more here:

  • Fixed the following objects:

Laden Mushroom Ribbon Pole Hope Doans Strongbox Kaws War Halberd Warchiefs Command Board Peat Mound

Arena and BG:

  • Fixed rewards for RBG.
  • Fixed applying deserter to a player, that rejected battleground invitation.
  • You can no more register for BG if one player in a party has deserter aura.

Spells and talents:


  • Improved Moon and Stars.
  • Fixed Mastery: Harmony.
  • Fixed Ashamanes Energy.

Death Knight:

  • Fixed damage of Frost Breath in PvP.
  • Fixed damage of Ebon Gargoyle pet.
  • Festering Wound will now sum up to 6 times.


  • Ice Block spell can now remove Imprison aura.
  • Fixed Mana Shield talent.


  • Holy Shield can now remove Imprison aura.
  • Fixed Lawbringer talent.
  • Fixed Last Defender talent.
  • Fixed Knight of the Silver Hand artifact.
  • Fixed Darkest before the Dawn talent.
  • Fixed Fervent Martyr.


  • Fixed Lights Wrath artifact.
  • Fixed mana regeneration for Shadow spec.


  • Fixed absorption from Earthen Shield.


  • Fixed an exploit with increasing damage of finishing moves.
  • Fixed Main Gauche.
  • Fixed Finality.


  • Fixed damage calculation for Mastery: Combo Strikes.
  • Fixed damage of Serenity in PvP.
  • Fixed a bug, when Storm, Earth, and Fire could attack NPC, that must not be attacked.
  • Fixed cooldown of Brews reset by Keg Smash.
  • Fixed Ancient Mistweaver Arts talent.

Demon Hunter:

  • Fixed Demonic Appetite talent.
  • Fixed Desperate Instincts talent.
  • Fixed Fel Rush.
  • Fixed Darkness.
  • Fixed Eye of Leotheras.

Spells and talents, other:

  • Fixed damage modifiers in PvP.

The date of the latest update and the current online can be checked in the game by typing .server info command (actual update is 23.04.17).

Information about start of Legion 7.1.5 x4, events and discounts
User 1 year ago

Although we still have an OBT of 7.1.5, we want to tell you about planned events for realm launch, and more info about launch day and the server:

Information about server:

  • The exact launch date of Legion 7.1.5 x4 realm is 30.04.17 13:00 GMT.
  • How to join.
  • During first weeks realm type will be switched to PvE to make leveling more comfortable, it may alternate in future.
  • Advertisement campaign was launched for countries of CIS, it will also work during some time after realm launch.
  • We expect more than 5k people online at server start.
  • We will post a thread about working content a week before the realm launch. (but it is better to test needed content at open beta)
  • From the very beginning there will be no items in control panel, we will add them step by step after a week or two after realm launch, moreover we will add only those items, that can be obtained in a game, due to players progress. There will be only services like VIP, gold, change of a nickname, appearance, faction. Voting is already available.
  • Server equipment will stay in the same Data Center as logon realms, in western France.

Events before the start:

We decided to make several events in social networks to get some advertisement and to reward players with bonuses:

Repost contest:

Some days before realm launch we will randomly choose 10 people, who reposted the post and entered our group and they will get 250 bonuses in logon/mop/wod or legion control panel.

Videos and streams of OBT:

If you make reviews, letsplays of OBT 7.1.5, put them to your youtube channel, or cast at twitch, you can get bonuses, all you need is:

If you have youtube video:

  • You must have at least 50 followers of your channel, and your video must have not less than 100 views and 10 likes (we will check cheating and data of channel creation).
  • Heading must contain that this is WoW Circle 7.1.5 OBT, and there must be a link to OBT thread and this thread of course.

If your video (or several videos) match our criteria before 29.05.17 you can get 200 bonuses for each of them at logon/mop/wod or legion, but one person can get bonuses only for 5 videos, not more. If you want to get bonuses, send me a link to your video or channel after you do everything to match all the criteria.

Twitch online broadcasts:

  • Your channel must have not less than 5000 views and 50 likes.
  • Heading must contain that this is WoW Circle 7.1.5 OBT, and there must be a link to OBT thread and this thread of course.
  • At least 30 people must watch you when you broadcast.
  • You must not broadcast other servers during OBT period (from this moment and up to the end of open beta 29.04.17).

Send me information that you are going to broadcast OBT, we will watch your channel. Several days before the start, top5-10 (depending on amount of applications) most actual and qualitative casters with big audience will get bonuses (from 300 to 1000) at logon/mop/wod or legion.

Events at the start:

Rewards for achievements:

Gaming process:

  • Characters that will have 3 days of played time after 7 days after the realm opens (06.05.17) will get 100 bonuses, but they must have 110 level.

Control panel:

  • From 30.04.17 till 06.05.17 (including) you will get 10 more bonuses for donations, not depending on donation amount, some discounts also work in payment systems if you donate for 500 and more bonuses.

Players will get rewards for 1sts and played time after a week after realm launch.


  • Active users, taking part in open beta will be rewarded with bonuses (10 correct bug reports) after OBT ends.
  • Every leveling exploit will bring from 50 to 500 bonuses to the author (at realm launch) of report describing it.

We are waiting for you at the start.

Legion 7.1.5 PTR
User 1 year ago

Today (16.04.17) Legion 7.1.5 server became available for everyone. It is based on work, done by our Firestorm partners during a year. Everything works fine enough even for this period (Open Beta), though there is much content, including Draenor, but nevertheless we have much work to do in future.

How to play at 7.1.5:

Open Beta information:

  • OBT will last till 29.04.17, it is about 2 weeks, date of launch Legion x4 live sever is 30.04.17 at 13:00 GMT.
  • After completing tests, current open beta realm will be deleted, characters wont be saved anyway, but the accounts will be saved.
  • Medium rates (x25-50) are installed for open beta to test both low level and high level content.
  • x4 rates will be used during last days of OBT, that matches live server rates.
  • Active users, taking part in open beta will be rewarded with bonuses (10 correct bug reports).
  • Every leveling exploit will bring from 50 to 500 bonuses to the author of report describing it.

Basic information about live Legion 7.1.5 realm with x4 rates:

  • Launch date of new 7.1.5 x4 realm is: 30.04.17 at 13:00 GMT.
  • During first weeks realm type will be switched to PvE to make leveling more comfortable, it may alternate in future.
  • We plan huge advertising campaign, including foreign players attraction, 15-20 of players should be foreign players.
  • Expected online on launch day should be 3.000 players.
  • A week before realm launch detailed information describing working capacity of actual content will be published.
  • Server equipment will stay in the same Data Center as logon realms, in western France.

Legion forum sections:

About us
User 2 years ago

On our project have realms from 3 expansions: 3.3.5a(Wotlk), 4.3.4(Cata), 5.4.8(MoP) 12 realms with the rates: Wotlk x1 PvE, 3.3.5a x3, x5, x10, x15-x20, x25, x100, Fun, Cataclysm x1, 4.3.4 x100, Fun, 5.4.8 x1 PvE. Maximum working PvP and PvE content. The updates for the realms are made twice a month and more, thats why all the bugs get fixed rather quickly. Hardware for logon/mop located in central Europe, for logon3 in Eastern Europe, its providing an excellent ping from anywhere in the world.

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